Senior Content Specialist, Points & Miles (contract-to-hire)

As a Senior Content Specialist for Points and Miles, you will be responsible for supporting our Content Marketing Director in creating and publishing high-quality content related to points, miles, credit cards, and business/first-class travel. In this role, you will lead a team of freelance writers, develop content strategies, and manage content production from ideation to publication. This is a 6-month contract-to-hire role based on performance. We’ll review benchmarks every 30 days, and will give 45 days notice if the role will be terminated.

Your responsibilities will include creating and assigning content, editing, publishing, optimizing guides, newsletter content, landing pages, data stories, infographics, videos, audio guides, and app content. You will also collaborate cross-functionally with our social media, engineering, SEO, and design teams to ensure that our content ranks well in search, educates and entertains members, and attracts new members. And you will work closely with our affiliate partner to track revenue from affiliate links, optimize for that revenue, and ensure strict compliance with credit card content rules and requirements.

We are the world’s favorite cheap flight alert platform, offering our members the best travel deals on flights and hotels. Over the years, we have built an extensive library of high-quality content that attracts and retains members. Still, we recognize that we have an opportunity to expand our offerings in the points, miles, and credit card space. We have some big ideas, and we’re looking for an opinionated, creative, skilled content manager to support our Content Marketing Director in bringing this content to our members via a newsletter and web content. If this content proves successful at driving revenue, we will consider hiring a full-time employee for the role. However, the position will begin as a contract-to-hire arrangement. If the contractor meets our expectations and a full-time position becomes available, they will be given priority consideration for the role.

In the short term, you will:

  • Lead the points and miles vertical at Going, including developing and executing a content strategy for our newsletter and website.
  • Quickly get familiar with credit card content compliance rules and ensure that all our content meets the requirements.
  • Conduct keyword research and collaborate with our SEO consultant and internal team to identify content gaps and opportunities for growth in the points and miles space.
  • Create high-quality content for our website and newsletter, working with freelance writers as needed to produce 5+ articles per week.
  • Manage the publishing process for all points and miles content, ensuring it is updated and optimized for search engines, and maintain our Webflow CMS or future CMS.
  • Analyze content performance using tools like Google Analytics and Ahrefs, and present regular reports to the team on key metrics and insights.
  • Collaborate with our SEO consultant and team to optimize existing content, incorporating feedback and recommendations to improve its search ranking and performance.
  • Manage the budget for freelance writers, issuing contracts and ensuring that costs are tracked and accounted for.
  • Oversee the QC process for our points and miles newsletter, working with a fact checker to verify the accuracy of all content, preparing it for coding, and ensuring that the final emails are error-free and delivered on time.

In the long term, you will:

  • Conduct regular content audits to ensure accuracy, relevance and compliance with industry standards. Analyze performance metrics and provide recommendations for improvement of underperforming content.
  • Lead end-to-end content creation process for individual pieces, including ideation, contracting, editing, and publishing, with input from the Content Marketing Director.
  • Contribute to the development of the overall content strategy, based on data analysis of content performance, industry trends, and best practices. Bring innovative ideas to enhance content quality while adhering to existing strategic objectives.
  • Oversee all aspects of content production in the points+miles vertical, including content planning, keyword research, scheduling, writing/editing, and promotion.
  • Maintain a roster of freelance writers and onboard new writers as necessary. Provide feedback to writers to ensure high-quality content and timely delivery.

What you know:


  • Deep experience in the points and miles, credit cards, and business class travel spaces
  • Strong editorial perspective and creative mindset about points, miles, credit card, and business class content
  • Exceptional writing skills with an ability to adapt to a specific brand voice
  • Experience editing the work of other writers and providing clear, actionable feedback to improve the final product
  • Ability to manage several projects simultaneously and prioritize tasks independently
  • Passionate about the details with a keen eye for copyediting
  • Effective, clear, and respectful communicator cross-functionally


  • Deep understanding of SEO best practices, including how to conduct keyword research and how to optimize content to rank highly in search results.
  • Proven track record of creating content that is both high-quality and able to convert readers into taking desired actions
  • Experience with different content formats beyond written content, such as video, podcasts, etc. Comfortable and skilled on camera.
  • Background in travel content creation and managing a large and diverse team of freelance writers.
  • Passion for ethical storytelling and elevating the potential of travel content

This is a fully remote, hourly, contract-to-hire role at 25-40 hours per week, based on contractor availability and assigned workload.

Rate: $45 per hour.